No one can deny that the GMC Sierra 1500 lineup is one of the most impressive and sought out trucks in the automobile industry. You can do plenty with a truck as versatile as this one. However, what's got us hooked is the amazing towing capabilities that the Sierra 1500 offers.

With eight available trims to customize your GMC experience, the Sierra 1500 can tow up to 13 thousand pounds thanks to its diesel engine and all-wheel drive. Additionally, you can enjoy up to 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque to further your performance.

Who Would Benefit from Owning A GMC Sierra 1500?

Anyone that can drive will benefit from a truck like the Sierra 1500. However, we've noticed a trend in consumers and their lifestyle that makes owning a Sierra 1500 a huge plus. Things like:

  • Small business owners who need to haul equipment
  • Fleets that need a reliable truck in their lineup to complete a project
  • People who need more power to tow a trailer. For example, a boat.
  • Drivers that prefer to sit higher up for better visibility
  • Off-roading benefits paired with a bed for large cargo
  • Great for winter and can be equipped with a plow
  • And much, much more

No matter what lifestyle or occupation you lead, we're confident that you'll find plenty of use in the Sierra 1500.

Test Drive the GMC Sierra 1500 Today

If you see something you like on our lot , call or schedule an appointment with us online. We'd be happy to help you get behind the wheel of one of our most favored vehicles. Ask one of our friendly staff members if you need assistance or have any questions concerning the Sierra 1500. There's a reason why Charlotte residents trust Team One Chevrolet Buick GMC.

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